Behavioral and mental health challenges can negatively impact a patient’s physical and medical condition. These challenges include depression, anxiety, stress, not feeling like yourself, addiction, and eating disorders, among others. Although countless adults suffer from these issues, there is a lack of accessible, efficient treatment options.

Behavioral Health Whole Person Solutions at Texas TeleHealth

Telehealth and whole person solutions can play a role in reducing the burden of care.  Using telehealth tools, we can help patients engage with their own healthcare and develop new habits for positive, long-term outcomes.

  • Patients won’t have to deal with the stigma of behavioral health issues on their own. Patients are also more likely to be engaged in the treatment program as they can simply use technology to make reports on their feelings and cognitions.
  • Trends in the duration, severity, and frequency of the symptoms can guide healthcare professionals towards a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • We put our patients at the center of our telehealth offerings so they can recover a balanced, healthy, and independent life.