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Remote Patient Monitoring Made Easy Via Our Online Healthcare Services in Texas

Bridging the digital divide by delivering safe, quality, and efficient remote patient care to all with a focus on under-served and at-risk populations.


We provide smart connected health monitoring devices and 24/7 access to health professionals, all paid for by your health plan.

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Filling the gap between physician and patient by creating a virtual and digital platform for improved communication with the goal of empowering individuals, improving outcomes, and lowering the overall cost of healthcare.

Online Telehealth Services In Texas

What is Telemedicine?

  • Telemedicine is the delivery of healthcare services, including examination, consultation, diagnosis, and treatment, through electronic communication technologies when you (the patient) are located in a different location than your healthcare practitioner.
  • Texas TeleHealth allows you to receive treatment from a healthcare practitioner without having to travel to another location or schedule a separate appointment and helps you avoid long wait times that you might otherwise experience at an in-person visit.
  • Texas TeleHealth conducts your treatment through audio-video and telephone visits.

What is RPM?

RPM is the collection of health data outside of a clinical setting (for example, while you are at home or at work) and transmission of that data to your healthcare provider for evaluation. The type of health data collected may include blood pressure, blood glucose, oxygen saturation, heart rate, body weight, and other physiologic data that can help your physician or other healthcare provider monitor your health and make treatment recommendations.
RPM services allow your healthcare provider to monitor your health on an ongoing basis in between visits. This may help your healthcare provider identify issues that need to be addressed sooner than they would without RPM and allows you to communicate your information to your provider without having to travel to your provider’s office


How it works:

  • We provide easy to use connected monitoring devices that monitor blood pressure, glucose, oxygen saturation, heart rate, and weight.
  • Devices are shipped to you at no cost, paid for by your health plan.
  • Devices send data automatically and digitally back to our platform at Texas TeleHealth.
  • When you have abnormal readings, our 24/7 clinical team of doctors and nurses will call you, assess and address the abnormal readings, and provide recommendations for improving your health.
  • By increasing the timing of communication and feedback between patients and providers, RPM and Texas TeleHealth can identify concerning trends quickly and effectively, helping prevent complications, keeping you healthier and happier, and lowering overall medical costs.

How We Do Remote Patient Monitoring

  • We make Remote Patient Monitoring EASY.
  • Devices shipped to you at no cost, paid for by your health plan.
  • Easy-to-use devices.
  • Our connected devices don’t require you to have a smartphone, WiFi, Bluetooth, logins, or passwords. They just work. Easy.
  • 24/7 Clinical monitoring included at no cost.
  • Our 24/7 health operations center will monitor your readings, assess, and provide feedback to improve clinical outcomes.

Our Remote Patient Monitoring Hardware

We provide connected blood pressure monitors, glucometers, pulse oximeters and weight scales with these features:

  • Device consumables (lancets, test strips, batteries) included
  • HIPAA-compliant secure data transmission
  • No WiFi, Bluetooth, tablet, or smartphone required


Serving on the medical front lines of hospitals in Houston, Dallas, West Texas and the Rio Grande Valley, Dr. Christopher Litchfield has compiled over 10 years of experience in ER medicine, as well as 6 years of experience working as a Hospitalist.

Board Certified in Family Medicine, Dr. Litchfield began his medical pursuits at the Universidad Autonoma of Guadalajara followed by internship at New York Medical College and St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan. He completed Family Medicine residency at UT Health Sciences Center Family Medicine program in McAllen. He currently resides in Dallas, TX with his family and lovable Boston terrier, Lola. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, skiing, and playing soccer, basketball, and baseball with his son.

Dr. Litchfield believes that data and improved access to telehealth can transform health outcomes. In this time of Public Health Emergency, he strives every day to keep his patients safe, advising and partnering with them along their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

My passion is utilizing digital health technologies to deliver safe, quality, and easy to use virtual care, empowering individuals to improve their health and live their best lives.

Dr. Christopher Litchfield, MD

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